Here comes “Fidelidade Auto - Assistência em Viagem”, the first and only auto insurance in Mozambique with towing service and assistance to passengers that are available all over the country.


In terms of Roadside Assistance, extension of coverage territory to South Africa and Swaziland is provided. 







Auto Insurance


If automobile is essential for your travel,  then adequate protection is necessary to cover it from the unexpected such as theft or collision and to insure the driver in case of an accident.




3 REASONS why you should trust the Fidelidade Auto Insurance solutions


FLEXIBLE: A range of diversified insurance products and services where you can customize an auto insurance plan that best fits your needs.



COVERAGE: From mandatory compulsory insurance of Third Party and Passenger Liabilities, Own Damage, Theft or Robbery, Glass Breakage, to assistance service (Roadside Assistance, Substitute Vehicle and Legal Expense)



INNOVATIVE AND EXCLUSIVE: The 1st and only Auto Insurance with Roadside Assistance in Mozambique, providing towing service for your car and assistance to passengers. The coverage territory is extended to South Africa and Swaziland.









Coverage, Sum insured and Deductible




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What to do in case of a Car Accident