Ensuring your protection at every moment of your life is our biggest goal. However, a satisfactory answer to claims also depends on you.



In the event of an accident it is important to know what to do, so that everything runs smoothly and as speedily as possible.







After the accident, keep calm. Depending on the severity of the accident, a few safety precautions should be taken to avoid aggravating any injuries.


Do not assume responsibility.

It is important that you do not assume any responsibility before the person who incurred damages without talking to Fidelidade first.

After the incident, file the claim as soon as possible.

Make sure you include the following information:

  • Type of Insurance and Policy Number;
  • Policyholder details (full name, address, tax number, telephone, e-mail);
  • Date and time of the occurrence;
  • Place of the occurrence;
  • Detailed account of the occurrence;
  • Relationship with the injured party (family, work, other);
  • Details of the injured party (full name, address, tax number, telephone, e-mail and Fax number);
  • Accurate identification of damages (damaged object and/or person in the case of personal injury)
  • Identification of eyewitnesses and/or authorities who may have taken notes of the occurrence);
  • Person to contact to settle the claim (name, address, telephone and e-mail).