Because Fidelidade believes in your success and in that of your company, we want to be at your side with adequate protection for the mobility of your business!

Fidelidade offers you a set of new Multi-risk, Automobile and Civil Liability options with the best solutions for you and your company. To provide a greater contribution and protection of your business.




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Based on your company’s business practices, it is essential to protect your business premises, its content (materials, products for sales, machinery, etc.) and of course, your staff and customers, from an array of unexpected events such as fires, storms, floods or thefts, which can seriously impact normal operations.






Anything can happen in your business and for this reason we offer Civil Liability solutions for your line of work or business, which are innovative and easy to subscribe.


In addition to enjoying a solution designed for your specific activity, which safeguards you against damages caused to third parties, you may also benefit from a more complete protection which includes, at no extra cost, Legal Protection and Employer's Civil Liability.





For every vehicle in your company w e offer a solution that will answer the different protection requirements of your company's vehicles.


This information does not dispense with the need to consult the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information.