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The data collected as a result of the signature, execution or termination of the contract may be delivered to the judicial or administrative authorities, provided that it is in compliance with a legal obligation borne by the Insurer, and without prejudice to the duties and limits established for the protection of personal data and of competition, and always subject to the obligation of confidentiality, to the insurer's service providers, in particular their reinsurers and experts, and also to entities, namely associations, such as the Portuguese Association of Insurers, that consist of or lawfully carry out data compilation actions, fraud prevention and combat actions, market studies or statistical or technical and actuarial studies.


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c. to carry out, if it so wishes, the magnetic recording of the telephone calls made, within the proposed contractual relationship, either during the preparation of the contract or during its duration, as well as to use it for any lawful purpose, namely for the execution, improvement or monitoring of the contracted services, and to serve as evidence.




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