For you and your family's protection, Fidelidade provides a diverse range of insurance products and a customized service, to support you in every moment as you choose your ideal coverage.


Whether it is to guarantee your well-being and that of your family or to safeguard your assets, such as home or car, Fidelidade has flexible solutions, which can be adjusted to your real needs and protect you throughout your life.

Life, Personal Accident, Civil Liability, Home and Auto insurances you will be able to find the security you need, with the most adequate solutions for you!








If automobile is essential for your travel, you need adequate protection. Make sure it is covered against unforeseen circumstances such as theft or collision. In case of an accident, the driver is also protected.





An asset as valuable as your home deserves to be protected against risks such as fire, flood or theft that can destroy your property. Make sure you have the right insurance for your home and for what is in it.



Through Fidelidade´s Health Insurance you may access a set of guarantees which covers many types of health expenses. Whether it is to seek for daily care or to deal with diseases, we can provide an excellent experience for you and your family.


Life Risk


Protect those you love the most. In case the worst happens, they won´t have any added concerns nor are left unprotected. 




Personal Accidents


Your personal protection is essential to enjoy a life without worries, it is important that you will not be vulnerable to unforeseen events.



Funeral Protection


In the most difficult times of your lives, we help to minimize your family's concern with funeral expenses.



Just choose the destination and duration of your trip. Whether for work or on holiday, anywhere in the world, you will find the protection you need for you and your family here at Fidelidade.




Did you know? For a very low cost, you can safeguard yourself against damages that you, your children or even your pets may cause to others? Protect yourself and avoid additional worries.


This information does not dispense with the need to consult the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information.


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